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A Comparison of Steamflood Strategies: Five-Spot Pattern vs ...
Comparison of pattern steamfloods indicates that at close well spacing (1.25 acres/well [0.5 ha/well]), the inverted nine-spot recovers more oil than the five- spot.

A Method of Predicting Oil Recovery in a Five-Spot Steamflood
A cold water five-spot flood in this system was predicted to recover approximately 10 percent of the oil in place with 1 PV of water injected. For a five-spot pattern .

Graphical Determination of Oil Recovery in a Five-Spot Steamflood
The present study is directed toward developing a graphical method of computation of oil recovery by continuous steam injection in a five spot pattern.

Effect of Off-Pattern Wells on the Performance of a Five-Spot Water ...
adjacent to a ?ve-spot containing a single o?-pattern well. The cumulative water . For the regular ?ve-spot, both the oil recovery and the sweep e?iciency vary .

what mobility ratio the five-spot pattern can recover more oil than a staggered- line-drive pattern. The streamline calculation method is advantageous in that the .

Sweep Efficiency of Miscible Floods in a High-Pressure Quarter-Five ...
WAG improves the sweep efficiency and oil recovery in the quarter five-spot over the . Sweep efficiency is higher for the nine-spot pattern than for the five-spot .

Predicted areal sweep efficiency when using horizontal wells in five ...
Studies have been made to estimate the results when using horizontal wells in five-spot patterns for enhanced oil recovery programmes. It was found that when .

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injection pattern: Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary
[Enhanced Oil Recovery, Enhanced Oil Recovery], ID: 11189 . drive, staggered line drive, two-spot, three-spot, four-spot, five-spot, seven-spot and nine-spot.

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Coursework Zinan Li's Blog
Jun 24, 2010 . From the simulation results, the recovery of oil, Stock Tank Oil (STO) as a percentage of mobile oil, and total gas for 5-spot pattern is higher than .

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An Integrated Decision Support System for Petroleum E&P Policy ...
fractional-flow theory assuming a five-spot injection pattern geometry. Oil recovery is predicted for a single pattern and then scaled up to the entire field based on .

Oil Recovery in Miscible Flooding for Five-Spot Well Patterns.........................9. Figure 4. Schematic of Macroscopic Displacement Efficiency Improvement with .

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RIGZONE - How Does Water Injection Work?
While primary production refers to oil that is recovered naturally from a producing well, . One popular pattern, called the five-spot pattern, involves drilling four .

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Evaluation of Avasthi & Associates CO2 Prophet
As seen in Figure 1, water injection at a constant rate of 500 bbl/day into a 40- acre, 5-spot pattern results in an oil recovery of approximately 0.3 hydrocarbon .

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Effect of Injection Well Fracturing on. Reservoir Sweep (A Simple Example). ? Well positions in a five spot pattern. ? No flow boundaries. ? Compare oil recovery .

IEEE Xplore - Abstract Page
5-spot pattern with 212m well space and continuous CO2 injection to well have the close enhanced oil recovery rate with the water alternating CO2 injection, .

Reservoir simulation of co2 sequestration and enhanced oil ...
CO2 injection has been used for decades to improve oil recovery from depleted . black oil fluid models were tested in a quarter of a five spot pattern.

Analytical Investigation of Wet Combustion Process for Heavy Oil ...
5-spot pattern configuration, oil recovery increases from 3.68 to 33.37% of OOIP. References. Chiu, K. W. 1988. Analytical analysis of air/oxygen wet combustion .

The Mechanism of Improved Oil Recovery by Sequential ...
13 January 2010. Page 2. Oil Recovery : Waterflooding. Single 5-Spot Well Pattern . Sequential flooding of sandstone with crude oil at 60oC. Page 10. Outcrop .

oil recovery effectiveness of the tertiary process utilizing the waterflood's existing 5-spot injection pattern in Fault Blocks 22 and 23. In order to allow .

Feasibility Study of CO2 Injection Development to Enhance Oil ...
5-spot pattern with 212m well space and continuous CO2 injection to well have the close enhanced oil recovery rate with the water alternating CO2 injection, .

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Experiment and Numerical Simulation of Japanese Heavy Oil ...
reservoir pressure and oil viscosity on heavy oil recovery by simulating with a . 5-spot pattern which has an injection well at the center and 4 production wells at .

A New Stream-Tube Model for Waterflooding Performance in 5-Spot ...
performance calculation in 5-spot pattern reservoirs using stream tubes. . efficiency, fractional oil recovery, fractional water flow and the injectivity ratio are .

Draft GEIS (Vol.2, Chp.12) on the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining ...
OOIP may be recovered by application of tertiary or enhanced oil recovery . The five-spot pattern offers quick response and good sweep efficiency, and .

Petroleum Solutions
Calculate the waterflood performance with time for a five-spot pattern, using the approach of Craig, Geffen, and Morse for relating oil recovery and producing .

Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in the United States (Part 10 of 12)
Development of a Five-Spot Pattern. Surfactant/Polymer Process. Year of. Annual oil production pattern. % of development. Activity incremental recovery. 1. 2. 3 .

A comparison of steamflood strategies: Five-spot pattern vs. inverted ...
Nov 1, 1987 . At larger well spacing, however, oil recovery from the five-spot pattern exceeds that from the nine-spot. Conversion of a five-spot pattern to an .

Evaluation of Oil Reservoir Characteristics To Assess North Dakota ...
Reservoirs with projected CO2 oil recovery exceeding 2 MMbo are believed to . a 5 spot pattern would recover up to 8% of the OOIP by CO2 miscible flooding.

ENORDET surfactants for enhanced oil recovery
designed to increase the recovery of oil from existing reservoirs. . Oil. (SINGLE 5 -SPOT PATTERN SHOWN). Injection. Well. FreshWater. Buffer to Protect .

asset - Evolution Petroleum Corporation
Enhanced Oil Recovery . a more traditional and effective five spot flood pattern that generally results in a more complete reservoir sweep and oil recovery.

NETL Report format template
Figure 6 - Oil Recovery in Miscible Flooding for Five-Spot Well Patterns.................. ............... 16. Figure 7 - Schematic of Macroscopic Displacement Efficiency .

Waterflooding the Parks (Caddo) Field, Stephens County, Texas ...
Feb 6, 2012 . Secondary oil recovery from waterflooding the Caddo Lime reservoir was seen as . Six, 80-acre five-spot patterns were developed. It has been .

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Enhanced Oil Recovery: Chapter 10
The principal enhanced oil recovery technique is water flooding, because water . The 1 1/4-acre pilot evaluated steam flooding on a regular five-spot pattern.

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Gate to Gate Life Cycle Assessment of CO2-EOR and Brine Aquifer ...
-EOR activity follows primary and water-flood oil recovery. 40-acre, 5 spot well pattern with pre-existing wells. (injector/producer ratio of 1). Liquid from 10 .

Study of Microscopic and Macroscopic Displacement Behaviors of ...
application of glass micromodel techniques for studying enhanced oil recovery ( EOR) pro- cesses in five-spot pattern and provides a useful reference for .

Method of enhanced oil recovery employing nitrogen injection ...
Mar 6, 1984 . Disclosed is a process for the recovery of oil from a subterranean oil . five-spot pattern which comprises a plurality of five-spot patterns, each .

Technical Documentation: The Economics of CO2 Transport by ...
Estimating Recovery of Oil ...................................................................................42 . An inverted 5-spot pattern, where CO2 is injected through the well at center, and .

ASP-SP cut sheets ver 1.1.indd
The Science of Enhanced Oil Recovery. Version 1.1 . The diagram (from: NETL) depicts a surfactant flooding process in a 5-spot well pattern. In an ideal .

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Efficiency of Horizontal and Vertical Well Patterns on the ...
Mar 1, 2012 . Micellar-polymer flooding is an enhanced oil recovery . well-centered five-spot is considered. The modeled . Compared to five spot patterns .

SPE 89373 Enhanced Oil Recovery with Horizontal Waterflooding ...
production wells as a method of enhanced oil recovery . small patterns with closer well spacing can lead to improved recovery, however . Present values ( PV10) for horizontal and vertical five-spot waterfloods in the Wolco Field are $2.3 and .

Taylor & Francis Online :: Performance of Horizontal Injection ...
May 6, 2009. the effect of horizontal injector well length on oil recovery in a five spot water flood pattern having arrays of horizontal wells. The results of this .

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Water Injection Projects |
It is an "enhanced oil recovery" operation designed to maximize the quantity . Depending on the pattern employed, water injection can increase oil recovery by 5 to 50 . The five-spot pattern is a common method of drilling four injection wells .

Experimental Study of Polymer Flooding in Low-Viscosity Oil Using ...
Jan 1, 2011 . In this work, two kinds of quarter five-spot glass micromodel patterns were . and presence of connate water on recovery of low-viscosity oil.

It is shown that the injection wells with five spot patterns have the highest ultimate oil recovery. Figure 2 shows the selected sector with location of new injection .

Parameters Optimization of Stereoscopic Horizontal Well Patterns by ...
Water flooding is one of the most common oil recovery processes being . such as linear well pattern, cross linear well pattern, 4-spot, 5-spot, 7-spot, 9-spot and .

Enhanced Oil Recovery {EUR} refers to the ?uid injection process technologies . into a reservoir pattern element of area A, thickness I1, and porosity tb ( Reservoir . rate of injection and recovery through use of the five-spot injectivity formula.

Improved Oil Recovery by Waterflooding
Oil Recovery: Waterflooding. Single 5-Spot Well Pattern . ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY INSTITUTE. Low Salinity Waterflooding. 0. 5. 10. 15. 20. 25. 1996. 1998 .

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