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MicroC Product - Environmental Operating Solutions - Providing ...
Significant advantages versus methanol and other electron donors . MicroC™ Premium Carbon Sources offer a highly attractive alternative to hazardous, .

a biomass to three different carbon sources, MicroC™, methanol and acetate. The SBRs were operated for 1 year and the acclimated sludge was used for .

MicroC Products - Environmental Operating Solutions - Providing ...
Product, MicroCglyerin. COD Value, 1040000 mg/L. Freezing Point, Below Zero Fahrenheit. Viscosity (centipoises), ~45 @ 20 C. Methanol Content, 0-0.06% w/ .

"Comparison of MICROC™, methanol and acetate as external ...
Three SBR systems, using Methanol, Acetate and MicroC as carbon sources, were developed and monitored for nitrogen removal under two temperature (10 .

Evaluation of Alternative Supplemental Carbon ... - Hazen and Sawyer
Methanol is the most prevalent carbon donor for denitrification at wastewater . carbon products include ethanol and proprietary compounds such as MicroC™.

Implication of using different carbon sources for denitrification in ...
In this study, we evaluated and compared three carbon sources--MicroC ( Environmental Operating Solutions, Bourne, Massachusetts), methanol, and acetate-in .

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals | Innoflow Septic Tank Systems
MicroC™ environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment chemicals containing only . Health & Safety, methanol is highly flammable and toxic, unnecessarily .

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MicroC™ offers an attractive alternative to the hazardous, increasingly expensive , and energy intensive methanol. Health & Safety, methanol is highly flammable .

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The Energetics and Kinetics of Extracellular Polysaccharide ...
The Energetics and Kinetics of Extracellular Polysaccharide Production From Methanol by Micro-organisms Possessing Different Pathways of C1 Assimilation .

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Dennis Desheng Meng - UCLA
Micro direct methanol fuel cells (mDMFCs) are widely anticipated as the next- generation . D. D. Meng and C.-J. Kim, "A Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell with .

anodic microchannels and aggravate the deleterious methanol crossover. . c. Symmetric bubble collapsing. Figure 3. Micropumping by directional growth and .

Development and characterization of a silicon-based micro direct ...
A silicon-based micro direct methanol fuel cell (?DMFC) for portable . C). The maximum power density is 24.75mW/cm2 at a voltage of. 0.214V when the .

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Porous-microelectrode study on Pt/C catalysts for methanol ...
Keywords: Porous-microelectrode; Direct methanol fuel cell; Pt-loading carbon; Methanol . indispensable to use catalysts such as Pt/C or PtÃ/Ru/C for DMFC .

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Water Management in Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cells: Using Inte ...
Water Management in Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cells: Using Inte- grated Passive Micromixer. Chun-You Lin*. ,1. , Hsien-Chun Meng. 2 and C. Fu. 1. 1Institute .

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Sensors | Free Full-Text | Application of Flexible Micro Temperature ...
Feb 16, 2011 . The micro temperature sensor has higher accuracy and sensitivity than a . proposes a novel method for integrating micro methanol reformers and micro . C .-C.; Lo, Y.-M. Application of Flexible Micro Temperature Sensor in .

Nico Hotz | Duke Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
N. Hotz, Butane-to-Syngas Processing in Novel Micro-Reactors: Experimental . N. Hotz, R. Zimmerman, C. Weinmueller, M.-T. Lee, C.P. Grigoropoulos, . Exergetic analysis and optimization of a solar-powered reformed methanol fuel cell .

MicroC Product - Environmental Operating Solutions - Providing ...
Providing safe, economical and environmentally sustainable denitrification . far less energy-intensive than methanol and results in an overall energy savings of .

As An Alternative Carbon Source For Denitrification
MicroC™, Methanol, and Acetate respectively as carbon sources with variable . SBR and lighter brown for Methanol and a brown-yellow colour for MicroC™, .

methanol for denitrification applications at municipal and industrial
Jun 10, 2009 . MicroC 2000™ is a non-hazardous, environmentally-sustainable and domestically-produced alternative to methanol for denitrification .

Porous-microelectrode study on Pt/C catalysts for methanol ...
Apr 30, 2003 . Porous-microelectrode;; Direct methanol fuel cell;; Pt-loading carbon; . It is, therefore, indispensable to use catalysts such as Pt/C or Pt?Ru/C .

Embedded self-circulation of liquid fuel for a micro direct methanol ...
Jan 21, 2008 . 4433020 abstract; Download Citations; Email; Print; Rights And . D. D. Meng and C.-J. Kim, "A Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell with .

Robert Dagle - PNNL: Energy and Environment - Pacific Northwest ...
Holladay JD, EO Jones, RA Dagle, G Xia, C Cao, and Y Wang. 2004. "High Efficiency and Low Carbon Monoxide Micro-scale Methanol Processors." Journal of .

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Direct methanol fuel cell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Direct-methanol fuel cells or DMFCs are a subcategory of proton-exchange fuel . are in the range 50–120 °C, where high temperatures are usually pressurized. . 2005 to allow passengers to carry and use micro fuel cells and methanol fuel .

based micro-scale direct methanol fuel cell development - MIT
Carnegie Mellon. Major issues in the DMFC design include the water management and energy-efficient micro fluidic sub-systems. The air flow and the methanol .

Development of a Silicon Based Air-breathing Micro Direct Methanol ...
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell. L.D. Wang. 1, 2, a. , J.S. Liang. 1, b. , C. Liu. 1, 2, c and G.Q. Sun. 3, d. 1 Key Laboratory for Micro/Nano Technology and System of .

Biogeosciences Discussions www.biogeosciences-discuss.net 1810 ...
Apr 16, 2012 . The sea surface micro-layer and 10 cm depth also showed a higher proportion of . The average methanol oxidation and particulate rates were . and Murrell,~J C. : Dissolved organic carbon and bacterial populations in the .

Full Scale Evaluation of an Alternate Carbon Source and Methanol ...
Jan 1, 2009 . Both Methanol and MicroC™ were shown to improve denitrification when added to the post anoxic zone at Fairfield. MicroC™ can be utilized .

Carla Cherchi
Denitrification kinetics using alternative carbon sources: comparison between MicroC™, methanol and acetate”. New England Water Environment Association .

Solvents, Solvent, Acetone, Butyl Acetate, Ethanol, Ethyl Lactate ...
for all Stages of MicroStructuring and Lithography . Ethyl Acetate is a solvent with a boiling point of 77°C. The vapor pressure at roomtemperature 97 hPa. . Methanol Methanol can be used as a powerful solvent for contaminated acetone in a .

Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Codes & Standards
KS C IEC 62282-6-200 Micro fuel cell power systems -. Performance (Korea) . butane, 4) liquid alcohols such as methanol and ethanol, 5) gasoline, 6) diesel .

Catalytic Performance of a CuO/ZnO/Al2O3 Methanol Steam ...
Catalyst Coated on Micro-Channel Surfaces. Ayman Karim, Jaime Bravo and Abhaya Datye. Dept. of Chemical & Nuclear Engineering and Center for Ceramic and Composite . W/FCH3OH,0 at 230 ±C, Water/Methanol molar ratio of 1.1:1. 0 .

Deposition of PtxRu1–x Catalysts for Methanol Oxidation in Micro ...
Deposition of PtxRu1–x Catalysts for Methanol Oxidation in Micro Direct. Methanol Fuel Cells . trochemical and electroless deposition and investigated as catalysts for the oxidation . current as a function of electrode potential at 23 ° C and .

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fuel cell and.tif
This sensor is based on a vacuum packaged resonant microtube and on-chip platinum temperature . for methanol at 20°C) impurity began to introduce an error .

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Development of Design Advisor Tool for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
candidate for the use of commercial electronics and micro devices. . C is methanol concentration in anode catalyst layer at position zI, Cb is anode channel .

Recent Publications from The Electrochemical Engine Center
. and C.Y. Wang, "Design of a Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell" .

Pichia pastoris fermentation with mixed-feeds of glycerol and methanol
Pichia pastoris fermentation with mixed-feeds of glycerol and methanol: growth . micro (gly)/ micro (MeOH) is around 2 for obtaining the highest BoNT/C(Hc) .

In-Situ Cast Micro Reactor Catalyst Supports for Methanol Reforming
Due to its high energy density and low reforming temperature, methanol is an . maintaining a high selectivity to CO2 at relatively low temperatures (230°C), .

Methanol:Acetone Fixation and PGL-1 staining protocol
MeOH/Acetone fixation and staining of C. elegans . Micro Slides, precleaned, frosted, 25 x 75 mm (VWR cat no. . 100% Methanol (-20°C in Coplin jar) .

A Micro porous Evaporation Plate to Reduce Methanol Crossover in ...
methanol crossover rate and high ionic conductivity has yet been successfully . using a micro porous body as a methanol evaporation plate. (MEP) to separate the . 14 C. Yang, S. Srinivasan, A. Arico, P. Creti, V. Baglio and. V. Antonucci .

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Microchannel Reactor for Methanol Autothermal Reforming
Key words : microchannel reactor , methanol , hydrogen , proton exchange membrane , fuel cell . process properties and principles of micro devices . Table 2 Parameters of the structure of the chip. H h. L w c w w. W n1 n2. V / ml. 0. 34 0. 17 .

Thermodynamic and Sustainable Energy Lab: People > Faculty
C. Weinmueller, G. Tautschnig, N. Hotz, D. Poulikakos, "A Flexible Direct Methanol . methanol and CO2 mixtures in adiabatic, rectangular microchannels" , .

Applying Methanol Vapor in Passive Planar DMFC as Micro Power ...
Applying Methanol Vapor in Passive Planar DMFC as Micro. Power Sources. X. Tian, T. Jungmann, G. Sandris, C. Hebling. This document appeared in .

Microscale Esterification of Peptides and Analysis by MALDI-MS
C-terminal amidation is a common post-translational modification of bioactive peptides. . Of these alcohols, only methanol and ethanol were found to lead to a .

Hydrogen production for fuel cell application in an autothermal micro ...
C is observed. For the steam reforming, the hydrogen and CO2 selectivity is higher than 96% for methanol conversion up to 90%. Besides the steady state, the .

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This paper introduces a micro direct methanol fuel cell. (?DMFC) with an . The development of micro power sources or power micro electromechanical . c. Symmetric bubble collapsing. Fig. 3. Micropumping by directional growth and .

Development of a silicon-based wettability controlled membrane for ...
for microscale direct methanol fuel cells . improve the water and air management at the cathode of . Where c is the surface tension force, h is the contact angle .

Three-dimensional micro-channel fabrication in ...
materials and techniques for developing micro-fluidic devices has not only . to 85 C to evaporate the methanol and complete the bonding. Fig. 3(d) shows a .

Fabrication and characterization of a passive silicon-based direct ...
C. Cané, Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica-IMB (CSIC), Campus de la UAB . and characterization of a passive silicon microfabricated direct methanol fuel .

Methanol and ethanol are widely available commodity chemicals and have numerous advantages . micro-reactors have shown high conversion and hydrogen yields from methane, . (3) Steam Reforming C,H,,+, +2nH,O(g) = nCO, + (3n+l)H, .

KEYWORDS: Denitrification, methanol, MicroC, Littleton, filter, nitrate, . tagged on to the end of the existing treatment train, and require a relatively small .

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