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Batch files - Ask For User Input
Feb 1, 2012 . SYS is loaded, this batch file needs MS-DOS 6 or later. @ECHO OFF REM * Asks for USeR INPut and store it in variable USRINPUT REM .

Get user input from DOS prompt - CodeProject® - The Code Project
Nov 2, 2010 . Command Line Inputs; Author: mravikiran; Updated: 13 Nov 2010; Section: Programming Tips; Chapter: General Programming; Updated: 13 .

Get user input from DOS prompt - CodeProject® - The Code Project
Nov 16, 2010 . Below should work without GOTO's...Took me awhile to find this while having to do build scripts.IF "%uname%" == "" ( ECHO Hello %uname%.

Get user input from DOS prompt - CodeProject® - The Code Project
Jan 8, 2011 . Not quite, CDMTJX. There are 2 problems with the alternative you posted. Previous values for uname are not cleared. Running this twice WILL .

Simple MSDOS User Input Variables - DOS Batch - Snipplr Social ...
May 13, 2009 . This seems to be a frequently asked question at my job so I've decided to setup a simple dos batch file that accepts user input.

User Input in DOS - Computing.Net
Mar 3, 2005 . I want a prmpt in a batch file before runing. The logic is simple some thing like this: @echo off echo Do you want to run the program?

Getting User Input
There is another scripting approach that stays in the DOS box (it doesn't use a graphical window input method). It uses the "Wscript.StdIn" object to get user input .

User Input - DOS batch file - Stack Overflow
I get a bat file as below: @ECHO Executing scripts... PAUSE for %%X . SET /P variable=PromptString. So your batch file would be something like .

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The ULTIMATE method to get user input !! - MS-DOS - Forums at ...
The ULTIMATE method to get user input !!: Hi there everyone! I'm posting this to inform that I've developed the ultimate method to get user input .

Easy Application Process

user input in DOS - PC Tools
Hi, Using only DOS/Batch commands I'm trying to write a program that will prompt the user for information, store that information, and generate .

Few Questions Asked

Hide user input on DOS command prompt
I have a batch file which prompts for User Name and Pass word to begin the command line execution. I want to hide the Password while user .

How to read a user input value from command line and store it in a ...
I would like to read a user input from command line and store it in a variable aaa. In good ol' DOS batch scripts there is a command: set /p .

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Place User Input into an Environment Variable - Windows XP and DOS
Allow a batch file in Windows XP to accept user input and place the results in an environment variable.

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How would i make ms dos rember user input? - Yahoo! Answers
so how would i make ms dos rember user input my situation is that i . Its been awhile since I've used DOS but you used to be able to just press .

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how do I input variable in dos batch - FreeDos and Dos -
Yeah, pre 2000 DOS was limited, no set /p. There's some stuff here but looks pretty hairy: http://www.robvander...m/userinput.php. Why are you .

Wait for user input (pause) for batch file (command line, cmd, dos ...
May 12, 2009 . I always forget, so here it is forever - just put this simple line at the end of the batch file and the command prompt will remain until a key is pres.

scripting - Batch File input validation - Make sure user entered an ...
I'm experimenting with a DOS batch file to perform a simple operation which requires . I'm using simple batch-file techniques to get user input: .

DOS batch files: How to write to the prompt and stay in the same line ...
DOS batch files: How to write to the prompt and stay in the same line to . I like to know if there is a way to read the user input inside a batch file, .

MySQL Bugs: #45790: Potential DoS vector: Writing of user input to ...
Bug #45790, Potential DoS vector: Writing of user input to log without proper formatting. Submitted: 26 Jun 2009 14:35, Modified: 3 Aug 2009 23:38. Reporter .

DOS Batch - User input (multiple words) - Dev Hardware
Nov 4, 2009 . User input (multiple words) to create folder name- Programming. Visit Dev Hardware to discuss User input (multiple words) to create folder . - View topic - Windows XP Batch File with User Input ...
Windows XP Batch File with User Input question. I am trying to write a batch file for use in Windows XP. Here is the current Batch file (9005.bat) I .

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dos command with user input in c#
Jun 25, 2011 . iam damn new to programming and .net (just 15 days), so plz be nice to me. kicking my butt hard to get the things right. i have made a c# .

How to input automatically in BATch file on DOS? - Super User
Jan 5, 2012 . Do you truly mean MS-DOS, as opposed to (say) Win32? Or are you making the common mistake of conflating textual user interface and .

Question: Dos Utility for user input - | ITNinja
May 25, 2004 . Does anyone have the dos utility called It's used in batch files for user input to be set to a variable. Of course set /p does not work .

how to read variable names from user input within a batch script ...
how to read variable names from user input within a batch script? DOS Command Shell.

Denial of Service - OWASP
Sep 9, 2011 . DoS User Input as a Loop Counter. Similar to the previous problem of User Specified Object Allocation, if the user can directly or indirectly .

user input through a dos batch file [Archive] - Virtual Dr Forums ...
Hi, call me bunny but i've written an FTP dos batch program that needs input from the user to supply a logon id and then a password... what do I .

Serenity's Dos Reference for Windows 98
Getting user input from a pif file. If a shortcut is created to a batch file (or any MS- Dos program) placing a question mark after the program name will prompt the .

Solutions found on alt.msdos.batch - Y/N user input
Mar 4, 2011 . and alt.msdos.batch.nt. Obtaining Y/N user input. Clay Calvert posted this interesting solution to obtain Y/N user input in most DOS versions: .

Invoking the DOS prompt using the C system() function
Declare a buffer to hold inputs. char input[40];. // while true. while (1). {. // read the user input. puts("\nInput the desired DOS command, blank to exit"); .

Disk Operating System (DOS)
Accept input from the user through the keyboard or mouse. . It is a set of computer programs and also known as DOS (Disk Operating System). The main .

DOS batch file with user input variable - Experts Exchange
Oct 25, 2002 . We are running ACCPAC on Windows workstations on a network. Multiple users, needing to work from any workstation. The program settings .

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Batch Guide
@echo off :: based on batch from PC Magazine June 27, 1995 page 248 :: this version puts temps in C:\DOS dir and shortens var names :: User input is returned .

user input for dos with Bad Credit

User Input Instructions: Userinp. Machine Dependencies: .

Bill Stewart's Site - CMD prompt FAQ
May 19, 2009 . 4. How do I do X from a DOS prompt? 5. How do I get user input in a batch file? 6. Why don't my commands work? 7. Why can't I do things when .

Sample Win9x Batch Programs
Send your program keystrokes whether it is a DOS or Windows program. This isn' t "User Input", but is more along the lines of simulating a user who isn't there.

Accept User Input in SQL*Plus | Zorba the Geek
May 5, 2007 . Accept User Input in SQL*Plus | View comments appended to blogs on . Queries via DOS batch file · CSS Browser Differences IE and Firefox .

Free DOS utilities by Mike Wiering
COM is a DOS utility to input data into environment variables from batch files. . This program asks the user to enter a filename, and then TYPEs the given file.

MS DOS Commands, Wild Cards, Input/Output Redirection and ...
May 11, 2009 . Displays “Prompt_Sting”, then waits for user input (in DOS, not a Windows Input Box) and stores the entered value in the variable VARNAME .

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Perl Tutorial - Programming
With PERL this input comes from the command prompt or MS-DOS on a windows machine. In a minute we will be taking a look at how to retrieve some user .

Getting Data into Environment Variables under MS-DOS
Oct 15, 2002 . The operating system is MS-DOS or Windows or maybe Windows 2000/WinNT. . Input1.cmd - A routine to prompt the user for an input string.

Operating Systems: x86: DOS: Programming: Languages
See also: Computers: Programming: Languages: Interpreted: .

Stuck on batch file creation for user input - computer help forum
Stuck on batch file creation for user input. . I'm trying to make a MS-DOS batch file automatically update the firmware on up to 12 HBA cards.

Taking Out a user input for dos Loan

Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style/Command-line examples - Wikipedia ...
1 Boldface for User Input; 2 All capitals in DOS program names; 3 DOS prompt; 4 Providing comprehensive information, i.e. listing all options; 5 Font size of .

dos - How to make string input in Assembly language? - Stack ...
Please, does anybody know how to code string input in assembly language? I'm using int 21 to display and input characters. dos user-input .

DOS batch file -
DOS batch file definition: A file of DOS commands that are "batch" processed one . file pause Stop (wait for keystroke) choice (DOS 6) a way to get user input if .

SET Command - User Input (3/4)
Jun 30, 2007 . The SET also has the ability to prompt the user for input.By adding /p to the SET . Circumvent restrictions on CMD.exe or DOS prompt by Kozz .

Merlyn - MS-DOS Batch Introduction - J R Stockton
Apr 16, 2012 . MS-DOS Batch Files Introduction. . more were using MS-DOS-like command lines long before Graphical User Interfaces became common. . Input and output redirection, and pipes, are as at the MS-DOS prompt; they use .

A quick and simple DOS Tutorial
To run DOS on a computer, it should be the first program to be executed when the . All it provides for the user is a prompt: "C:>" or "A:>", where the user can type in . Any other text on the input line after the file name, is passed to the program.

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